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Guestbook Entries:

Name: Kathy

Date:  9/3/2016


Hi, I just finished book 16, and I was wondering when book 17 will be coming out?

Name: Robin Y Williams

Date:  9/2/2016


Hi. I love your books. Very few authors can make me cry on one page then laugh on the next. Thank you for that. I am so in need of the next Kerrelyn Sparks vampire romance. Please feed my addiction soon LOL.

Name: Danielle Bryan

Date:  6/18/2016


I just want to let you know how much I enjoy your love at stake series. I fell in love with the first book. I now own the entire series and have read them over 100 times. I enjoy seeing the hero fall in love and then seeing all of them so happy in the last book Crouching Tiger Forbidden Vampire. I especially enjoy the last book as it is a reminder to me that I am loved and that I am not alone. Thank you so much for writing these wonderful books. I will treasure them always.

Name: Reece

Date:  5/26/2016


I'm re-reading your Love At Stake series for the hundredth time and i'm still obsessed with it! Can't wait for the next one!

Name: Sarah Weber

Date:  5/13/2016


The Vampire and the Virgin is the first of your books I've read and I Loved it,It is one of my favorites.I love the chemistry between Robby and Olivia,A Scottish Vampire and a mortal who can tell when people are lying.The book is fun,sexy,and exciting.


Date:  4/20/2016



Name: carmela

Date:  4/5/2016


just started reading your books, the vampire series, and I have to tell you....I love remind me some of Lynsay Sands & Hannah Howell.. they both have vampire books & I love books in series, get to know lots of people you feel like you know & you make them funny too. Love them...can't wait for the next one.

Name: April August

Date:  3/6/2016


I just love your love at stake book and Conor is my favorite!!!!!

Name: Vonda Dvorak

Date:  3/1/2016


I have enjoyed reading your collection of books. Thank you for bringing these characters into our lives.

Name: Beth Lisk

Date:  2/29/2016


So happy to hear about your new series starting in Winter 2017. I have missed your writings, but I know that sometimes it is good to do something different for awhile. Blessings to you!

Name: Adriana Andrade

Date:  2/7/2016


Amo sua Saga Love at Steak, seus personagens são únicos e é ótimo acompanhar a vida de todos nos livros novos. Me apaixonei por Ian e Toni! Que Deus a abençoe por trazer momentos maravilhosos para cada leitor.

Name: iliana

Date:  2/1/2016


Love your books are one of my favorite authors =) hope to read more of your work

Name: Engelina

Date:  1/27/2016


I love the books series love at stake. Thank u

Name: Maria E Hernandez

Date:  1/26/2016


Ms. Sparks I love your Stake series! You bring each of the heroes and heroines to life. Thank you for transporting or teleporting me to a new world!

Name: Lasheena evans

Date:  1/20/2016


I love your books!!! Are coming out with any new books.I love the vampire stories too!😆🙆

Name: Lynda Dobbins

Date:  1/8/2016


I must thank you for ALL the countless hours of enjoyment you have provided this 59 year old disabled woman who currently resides in a San Antonio nursing home. I'm a voracious reader(old school) and adore the feeling and weight of a book in my hands(even though i only can use one of them due to a postoperative[gastric bypass] stroke. I have read and reread the Love At Stakes series repeatedly which helps pass the stagnant hours that blur together and relieves the monotony with laughter, love, great heroes and happy endings! God bless you and keep them coming!

Name: Elizabeth

Date:  1/6/2016


Mrs.Sparks,I just love your ( love at stake series).

Name: Alfa-Hafsa

Date:  12/28/2015


Hi, my name is Alfa Hafsa, I've been reading your books for awhile and I've finished reading all of them, I'm just wondering when the next book in the love at stake series or the historical genre will come out. Thank you. P.s I really love your books, and I'd like it if you could email me when you think the next book will come out so I can purchase it fast. XOXO

Name: stef

Date:  10/25/2015


In apx one month I've read the entire live at stake series. Technically this is my second run through, but I had to re-read them to have the details fresh for #16. Would love to read more. you're an amazing author, can't wait to read more!

Name: Jeanette Arnett

Date:  10/16/2015


Love the vampire series. Please write more of them. Would love to read it while going thru dialysis. I have got all the other ones in that series. Thanks for all the great writing, Jeanette Arnett

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