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Guestbook Entries:

Name: Shawna Lloyd

Date:  12/15/2014


I love all your books, sad to see the love at stakes. Can't wait to see what next you have in store...

Name: ashley

Date:  12/8/2014


I love your books! Can't wait to read the next one. Keep them coming. :)!

Name: Thanise (:

Date:  11/12/2014


Hey there! I would first like to start off by saying that I LOVE your books! I found out about them through my subscription to Scribd, and I must say, you truly have a gift with words. I can't read books about vampires anymore unless they are written by you, for you have taken them to a whole new level that other authors fail to meet! I can't wait to read your next book, and I hope you write a book with a female African American protagonist. Much love! (:

Name: Joyce Yakibchuk

Date:  11/8/2014


I just became a reader of your books. love your series, Love at Stake. Vampires, Angels, Fairies and Witches are people that interest me. I just want to say, thank you for giving me someone to enjoy reading..

Name: Jennifer Cochran

Date:  11/7/2014


I absolutely love your "Love at Stake" series. It's all very intriguing and more than a bit addicting! My poor house has suffered from the lack of attention but it's a sacrifice that I am willing to make... le sigh. ;-)

Name: Gina Lee

Date:  11/4/2014


Love your stories!!

Name: ann thomas-shipps

Date:  10/22/2014


I have really enjoy your books ( vampire series). I read them to my husband. He gets a big bang out of them too. Thank you. Looking forward to the next book for Christmas.

Name: mihsie

Date:  10/6/2014


I love the love at stake series. After reading 13 books I thought it would be boring and predictable but I was in for a surprise. It was interesting and touching. The stories invoked emotions. Well written. Keep it up. I hope you would continue writing , more books. Looking forward about Laszlo and jl's stories. And tino is such a cutie.

Name: Gail Demaree

Date:  10/1/2014


Judy Devries told me about your vampire books. They sound very interesting. I am going to have to find me some copies of your books. Enjoy your day!

Name: Doris

Date:  9/29/2014


I'm sad to hear that Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire will be the last for a while - I love your books and will be reading them all for the second and some for the third time. Keep up the good work - Thank you - from Melbourne Australia Doris

Name: patricia

Date:  9/21/2014


I just finished reading how to seduce a vampire and there are a couple loose ends, like what happened to the dragon boy. Will there be a sequel for their story. This was really good and has definite sequel potential.

Name: lolo t.

Date:  9/18/2014


how to seduce a vampire (without really trying). I enjoy the humor, and interweaving with history and fantasy. This is my first novel I have read by you. I look forward to reading more and have really enjoyed it. Has any movies been made of your books? Sincerely, A new fan Lolo

Name: Teresa Hubbard

Date:  9/8/2014


I found the Vampire and the Virgin while my husband was in the hospital at a book sale they were holding. I've read it and all the others since. I look toward to your next book. Keep them coming.

Name: Crystal Neff

Date:  9/7/2014


I have only read one book so far, but I still fell in love your books. I think they would make good movies as well.

Name: Tammy Phillips

Date:  8/30/2014


I was told about your books by a friend. Once I started I couldn't stop! You have such a wonderful way of telling the character's stories! I have read everything in the Love At Stake series and pre-ordered the next one. Thank you so much for such an entertaining series! Looking forward to many more enjoyable stories in the future!

Name: Shirley Miller

Date:  8/26/2014


Love all your books Thanks for having a wonderful imagination and writing to share with us

Name: Audra

Date:  8/23/2014


My sister-in-law Gillie turned me onto your books. I am glad that she did since we both love your books. Thank you for being a terrific author.

Name: Kamy Strawberry

Date:  8/18/2014


Am in love with all the love at stake series...really cnt wait 2 read series are the best vampire romance writer

Name: Tammy Allen

Date:  8/17/2014


I love your books and hate to see them end. I hope you write more love at stake books. It would be nice to know who has kids and who doen't.

Name: Jeana

Date:  8/11/2014


Thank you for a fab read!! Now I'm researching to find each series you have and add them to my library.

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