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Name: stef

Date:  10/25/2015


In apx one month I've read the entire live at stake series. Technically this is my second run through, but I had to re-read them to have the details fresh for #16. Would love to read more. you're an amazing author, can't wait to read more!

Name: Jeanette Arnett

Date:  10/16/2015


Love the vampire series. Please write more of them. Would love to read it while going thru dialysis. I have got all the other ones in that series. Thanks for all the great writing, Jeanette Arnett

Name: Nadine

Date:  9/14/2015


Thanks Kerrelyn for the Love at Stake books,,You don't realize what a saving grace they were for me,,I started reading them while I was going through a very painful Divorce,,and they literly saved my life!! It helped me to believe in love again..Whatever direction of new novels you start ,Iam sure will be fantastic and will guide me on to this new chapter in my Life. Peace and love,,Nadine

Name: Amanda

Date:  8/19/2015


The love at stake series is my favourite series. I love the characters and the story's. Please make book 17, it would really make my day. Great job on the series.

Name: Melissa Rosenblum

Date:  8/18/2015


I wanted to let you know that I REALLY love reading the vampire books that you have made. For some reason I have a hard time with putting the book down for the night and can not wait to finish it and get to the next one. I hope that you have more books coming out in the stores. Right now I have some other authors to read and take up some of my time. I love how the stories can just grab you and hold on for dear life and not let you go until the very end. It makes the stories more interesting to read and some people can not seem to stop picking up the books soon after they are put on the store shelves.

Name: Tazla

Date:  8/13/2015


My all time favorite of the love at stake series is Vampire Mine. I could read it over and over again!

Name: ton_ton

Date:  7/30/2015


I think the Love at Stake series has to be in like....My top three favorite book series! Especially Gregori's story. My favorite of the entire clan.

Name: Ellen

Date:  7/23/2015


I love your books After rereading How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire i started purchasing the rest of the books in the series. So glad I did1 Wish I had done so sooner. I have a habit/mannerism I adopted/inherited from my Dad. When something excites, humors, intrigues, makes me very happy, I rub my hands together very fast (like when you wash your hands). Your books move me to tears at times or lots of laughter, pumping my arm and fist with a YES! or hand rubbing! The only issue is having to put down my Kindle to do the hand rub! Thank you for creating and sharing such GREAT stories, charachters a nd situations.

Name: Brenda

Date:  6/19/2015


love your "love at stake series" keep me posted for more of your books. Thanks ☺️

Name: Manda

Date:  6/15/2015


I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed "love at stake series" what a beautiful way to sum everything up and bring in all the characters, their wives and children and to finish it off with the speech given by Roman and how it all started. I had a chuckle along with the men "VANNA" will be an inside joke for eternity! Thank you x

Name: Loretta

Date:  6/1/2015


Great to see your posting on FB. I love vampire books. I'm always excited to find a new author. I was here looking for the chronological order of the Love at Stake series. I don't see it here, but will Google it. Looking forward to checking out your books. ~ L

Name: Wanda

Date:  5/31/2015


When is your next paranormal book coming out. Will it be.a series or a single book love your books

Name: Wiola

Date:  5/24/2015


Madam, I love your books, i canot stand without reading them. I read somewhere on polish web side that Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire is the last book from the saga. I hope this is only joke. I canot live without asome wampires.I am reading your books every day day by day from the beagining to the end and again and again and again..... Thank you soo mutch for all withouth u life would be boring. I am waiting for another perfect bookss to read.

Name: Trisha Mccourt

Date:  5/14/2015


Hello mame. I just recently have discovered you're books. I truly have enjoyed them. My first was your Vamps and the City. Iypts actually the only one I own. But never fear, I'll get more. Hahaha. I noticed that your bio says you're in Katy. Thats amazing. I live in Dayton, Texas. Wow. Anyway thank you for your wonderful stories. Hope all is well with you. Have a great day!

Name: Whitney Massie

Date:  4/27/2015


I have totally loved all of your books in the Love at Stakes series. Not going to lie as I was reading the end of the last book I knew that this was probably the last in the series. I was really happy but really sad when I realized it. It has been a long, wonderful ride and I am really looking forward to the next series that you come up with. I can say that your books are a good way to pass away the time. There are some characters that I was really glad that you choose to make a book about them but there were a few others that I thought that you would have also done but I'm glad I'm glad either. Thank you for a awesome series and all the laughs along the way.

Name: Mary Wolfgang

Date:  4/4/2015


Ms. Sparks, hello there. I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I'm enjoying your "Love at Stake" series. I found out about them in a rather unusual way from my nurse while in recovery after a minor procedure. We were chatting ... lead to books, then to genre, then to authors.. then to you. She even wrote your name down on my discharge paperwork because she knew I wouldn't remember from the anesthesia. I'm so glad she did, as I'm loving your books. Thank you for your amazing writing, and sharing the romance with us!

Name: Sabrina Berryhill

Date:  4/3/2015


Hello Kerrelyn Sparks, Last night I just finishing reading Crouching Tiger Forbidden Vampire. I read the last two books within a week. As all of the other Love Stake books. I truly loved it. I came across How to marry a millionaire book about 5 years ago and was hooked ever since. I love the connection all book have with one another. When 1 book ends you can get a little update on how the Vampire couples are doing. Towards the end of the book I'd figure this would be the last book in the series since All the evil Vampire were dead. Reading the Epilogue and Roman is making the toast at Russell and Jia wedding. I was sadden and happy at the same time. Roman stating how his life was so much more happier with everyone finding love. All there Vamp Enemies are dead. Wives will now live for ever as they are drinking the water. Everyone can pretty much live happier ever after. Thank you so much for keeping my rides to and from work smooth and my night with less television. If you continue with Love Stakes, I will be excited. All the best to you.

Name: Sherrie Saxton

Date:  4/1/2015


I just wanted to say, I loved "Crouching Tiger Forbidden Vampire. I just have one problem. I am one of those OCD idiots who hates starting in the middle of a series.I did not know that I was doing just that with this book until I hit the acknowledgements..So my real problem is finding the other 15 books, in order, so I can get caught up to where I am. ☺

Name: Dona

Date:  3/27/2015


Just finished your book, Sexiest Vampire Alive. I purchased it just to have something to read in the airport on our trip to St. Thomas. It was the first of your books I have ever read. It was so good that I had a hard time putting it down. Looking forward to purchasing another Paranormal Romance of yours tomorrow now that we are home.

Name: Hayley BW Peterson

Date:  3/27/2015


Hello I'm just dropped by to tell you that I absolutely love your love at stake series way more than the other paranormal romances that I have read. The reason being is that your story's had me wanting to know what happens next and before I knew it I finished the book.Waiting for the next book you write :) Bibliophile fan, Hayley BW Peterson

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