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Guestbook Entries:

Name: Sarah Phillips

Date:  4/17/2014


I love your paranormal romance series. They make me laugh every time. I believe my favorite character is Carlos from EAT PREY LOVE.

Name: michelle Emalee

Date:  4/9/2014


I luv all your vampire books. I have all of them. I am glad that you finally did a book about Zoltan he is one of my favorites. I'am counting the days for April 29th for his story to come out. I hope you continue doing more vampire books they are amazzzzing.

Name: Alex hale

Date:  3/28/2014


I love you , u r amazing I have all your books

Name: Kelli Robertson

Date:  3/23/2014


I love listening to your books while I'm at work. It keeps me motivated and entertained. I love how every book is ( for the most part) different but keeps the story line together for all the characters so we can continue to enjoy hearing about the characters we love from the beginning. I know this sounds really nerdy but your books inspire me when building my characters on the sims lol :) thank you!!!!

Name: Anja

Date:  3/22/2014


Hi Kerrelyn, I love your style of writing and your books. Im from Germany and like to hear the audiobooks. Its an easy way to learn english. Sometimes I hear other books from other authors, but yours are my favourites. More audiobooks please, please, please......cant wait for more. Have a nice day ;-)

Name: Teal Brown

Date:  3/15/2014


I think you are f****** AWESOME! I just love you and you have to keep writing.

Name: Autumn Tiana Ogles

Date:  3/11/2014


I can't wait until all the next books come out so i'm saving up my money just to buy the next book i'm so excited! *:)

Name: Lori Flannery

Date:  3/7/2014


I love all your books. I pick one of your books up at second book shop so I had something to read on the way home on the bus. I love it so much I had to get the rest of them. I read your books so many times I had to get new once. Waiting impatiently for the new one. Hoping you write a 100 more. thank you for helping me to get into reading. thank you so much.

Name: Terry Land

Date:  3/4/2014


Hi ! Thank you so much for these books ! I own all 14 of them. I have MS and your books have gotten me through all the infusions and pain that comes with MS. I CANNOT WAIT TILL THE NEW ONE IS RELEASED! :) You are awesome and thank you again. Terry Land

Name: Colleen Cleaver

Date:  2/28/2014


Love your books I have all the vampire stories.

Name: Marion Emery

Date:  2/17/2014


I love all your books I was just wondering if you have any plans to have a any of your books made into movies ? I think they would be wonderful I have all TWILIGHT SERIES and I just went to see VAMPIRE ACADEMY and I watch TRUE BLOOD on HBO so I think you should turn yours into a movie also or a series a movie about your books would make that shades of grey look tame. I would so love to see all them scots in their kilts. Anyway I am a big fan can not wait for the next book Marion Emery

Name: Judith Sanchez

Date:  2/17/2014


Until Zoltan'story arrives on April, I havie to reread the others books. I will star with be stil my vampire heart. Started with the a female hunter in Central Park in New York City . She gets a flashier no a vamp. So funny! I will reread the sexiest Vampire alive. That is my favorite story and I was abused by a member of my family and his girl friend, physically and mentally. It's a long and sad situation, depression and this book was like therepy. I laugh so much that I was afraid that my landlady will come to my apt to tell me that I do not let her sleep. This book is a special to me. What do you think about the book?

Name: Amanda Muniz

Date:  2/14/2014


The Love at Stake series is amazing! I cannot put the books down! I am zipping through the series! I know I should read them slower to make them last but I enjoy them way too much to do that. Thank you for the lovely stories!

Name: pam

Date:  2/13/2014


Love the love at stake series. Have read them all so far three times. Can't wait for the next one coming out. once I start reading I can't put them down.

Name: Pansy

Date:  2/12/2014


Love the Vamp books haven't read all yet but will can't put them down.

Name: debbie

Date:  2/8/2014


can't wait for the next vamp book.

Name: Colleen Cleaver

Date:  2/7/2014


I love your books I have read almost all of them.

Name: Faith Troyan

Date:  1/24/2014


I just want you to know Kerrelyn how much I enjoy you books. I have read every book in the Love at Stake series. I look forward to every book you are going to write. You are an awesome writer. Please don't ever stop. You are so loved. Always remember that.

Name: Theresa Frazee

Date:  1/5/2014


I just absolutely LOVE all of Vampire series. I have reread them frequently while impatiently waiting for the next one. Your books always take me away to their world, I feel like I am part of the story. Can't wait till the next book!!!

Name: Amanda Muniz

Date:  1/4/2014


Hello! I have just finished the first book in the Love at Stake series and I am hooked! I finished it in one day and now I am off to buy the next two! I cannot believe I have gone this long without discovering your books =) I look forward to reading more! Please don't stop writing. =)

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