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Guestbook Entries:

Name: Shirley Miller

Date:  8/26/2014


Love all your books Thanks for having a wonderful imagination and writing to share with us

Name: Audra

Date:  8/23/2014


My sister-in-law Gillie turned me onto your books. I am glad that she did since we both love your books. Thank you for being a terrific author.

Name: Kamy Strawberry

Date:  8/18/2014


Am in love with all the love at stake series...really cnt wait 2 read series are the best vampire romance writer

Name: Tammy Allen

Date:  8/17/2014


I love your books and hate to see them end. I hope you write more love at stake books. It would be nice to know who has kids and who doen't.

Name: Jeana

Date:  8/11/2014


Thank you for a fab read!! Now I'm researching to find each series you have and add them to my library.

Name: Helane

Date:  8/7/2014


I love your books. Vamps rule. Zoltan and Dougal are my favorites, not to mention "bear claws." They make me laugh and cry, the story lines are my style. Keep them coming. I already have the new one on order for my New Year's eve reading. Yeah!

Name: Shelia

Date:  8/4/2014


I love reading your books, I guess you hear that a lot. Your books have a little humor,and drama along with a great love story. They make you want to laugh and cry, and I think that is what a great book is suppose to do. Keep up the good work Kerrelyn , can't wait for the next book to come out!

Name: shani

Date:  7/30/2014


Love your books and your humour :) love at stake series is only one of many favourites. Keep writing your amazing books. Can't wait for the next instalment

Name: Joan Young-Santiago

Date:  7/30/2014


I like them all but at at stake I like too!

Name: Heather

Date:  7/30/2014


I am so happy to read we will see the end of Master Han!! Yea! He so has to go. I will always be interested in your writing. But my favorite will always be The Love at Stakes series. It is the first paranormal romance series I started reading. I can't even tell you how many times I have read it. Cheers 'clink' to future endeavors and here is hoping you will still visit the The Love at Stakes Series.

Name: Kristal

Date:  7/29/2014


Just love your Love at Stake series. Thanks for them!

Name: Amanda J

Date:  7/25/2014


Just finished "The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo!" T'was amazing! I loved how I cried at the ending. Can't wait for Zoltan and Russell's love story! Keep up the amazing work!!

Name: Tracy Willis

Date:  7/19/2014


I"m just starting your vampire series. Can:t wait to check them out!


Date:  7/6/2014


I really enjoy your books. I like anything that deal with the paranormal, and your books fit right in. thanks for writing them and can not wait for the next one.

Name: Marion MacEachern

Date:  7/3/2014


hey i was just wondering is this goin to be your last book out of this series?? ohh i hope not!!

Name: Teresa

Date:  7/1/2014


I really love your books. I am so looking forward to reading the newest one.

Name: linda

Date:  7/1/2014


I agree with the other fans, read all of your books. I love them all, am extatic to read the next one, hope there will be more to come.

Name: Cindy

Date:  6/28/2014


I love ALL your books!!!!!! I just wish you could write them faster , but I know all good things come to those who wait! 😄 I'm waiting on pins and needles for your next book! Thanks for the hours of enjoyment . C.Roberts

Name: ginny elsayed

Date:  6/25/2014


Never heard of you until I found your book how to marry a millionaire vampire on kindle. I read it and now I have ordered your whole series. I want to say I enjoyed the first book I read and I look forward to reading the rest of them. got to say there better then my Anne Rice books. Good work thanks for writing them and good luck in the future hope to see more work by you


Date:  6/24/2014


i really enjoy the love at stake books.i just got done reading angus and emmas story and i cant wait to start the next one in the series please keep up with all these chacters.the books are funny and loveable all in one

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