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Guestbook Entries:

Name: Thanise (:

Date:  11/12/2014


Hey there! I would first like to start off by saying that I LOVE your books! I found out about them through my subscription to Scribd, and I must say, you truly have a gift with words. I can't read books about vampires anymore unless they are written by you, for you have taken them to a whole new level that other authors fail to meet! I can't wait to read your next book, and I hope you write a book with a female African American protagonist. Much love! (:

Name: Joyce Yakibchuk

Date:  11/8/2014


I just became a reader of your books. love your series, Love at Stake. Vampires, Angels, Fairies and Witches are people that interest me. I just want to say, thank you for giving me someone to enjoy reading..

Name: Jennifer Cochran

Date:  11/7/2014


I absolutely love your "Love at Stake" series. It's all very intriguing and more than a bit addicting! My poor house has suffered from the lack of attention but it's a sacrifice that I am willing to make... le sigh. ;-)

Name: Gina Lee

Date:  11/4/2014


Love your stories!!

Name: ann thomas-shipps

Date:  10/22/2014


I have really enjoy your books ( vampire series). I read them to my husband. He gets a big bang out of them too. Thank you. Looking forward to the next book for Christmas.

Name: mihsie

Date:  10/6/2014


I love the love at stake series. After reading 13 books I thought it would be boring and predictable but I was in for a surprise. It was interesting and touching. The stories invoked emotions. Well written. Keep it up. I hope you would continue writing , more books. Looking forward about Laszlo and jl's stories. And tino is such a cutie.

Name: Gail Demaree

Date:  10/1/2014


Judy Devries told me about your vampire books. They sound very interesting. I am going to have to find me some copies of your books. Enjoy your day!

Name: Doris

Date:  9/29/2014


I'm sad to hear that Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire will be the last for a while - I love your books and will be reading them all for the second and some for the third time. Keep up the good work - Thank you - from Melbourne Australia Doris

Name: patricia

Date:  9/21/2014


I just finished reading how to seduce a vampire and there are a couple loose ends, like what happened to the dragon boy. Will there be a sequel for their story. This was really good and has definite sequel potential.

Name: lolo t.

Date:  9/18/2014


how to seduce a vampire (without really trying). I enjoy the humor, and interweaving with history and fantasy. This is my first novel I have read by you. I look forward to reading more and have really enjoyed it. Has any movies been made of your books? Sincerely, A new fan Lolo

Name: Teresa Hubbard

Date:  9/8/2014


I found the Vampire and the Virgin while my husband was in the hospital at a book sale they were holding. I've read it and all the others since. I look toward to your next book. Keep them coming.

Name: Crystal Neff

Date:  9/7/2014


I have only read one book so far, but I still fell in love your books. I think they would make good movies as well.

Name: Tammy Phillips

Date:  8/30/2014


I was told about your books by a friend. Once I started I couldn't stop! You have such a wonderful way of telling the character's stories! I have read everything in the Love At Stake series and pre-ordered the next one. Thank you so much for such an entertaining series! Looking forward to many more enjoyable stories in the future!

Name: Shirley Miller

Date:  8/26/2014


Love all your books Thanks for having a wonderful imagination and writing to share with us

Name: Audra

Date:  8/23/2014


My sister-in-law Gillie turned me onto your books. I am glad that she did since we both love your books. Thank you for being a terrific author.

Name: Kamy Strawberry

Date:  8/18/2014


Am in love with all the love at stake series...really cnt wait 2 read series are the best vampire romance writer

Name: Tammy Allen

Date:  8/17/2014


I love your books and hate to see them end. I hope you write more love at stake books. It would be nice to know who has kids and who doen't.

Name: Jeana

Date:  8/11/2014


Thank you for a fab read!! Now I'm researching to find each series you have and add them to my library.

Name: Helane

Date:  8/7/2014


I love your books. Vamps rule. Zoltan and Dougal are my favorites, not to mention "bear claws." They make me laugh and cry, the story lines are my style. Keep them coming. I already have the new one on order for my New Year's eve reading. Yeah!

Name: Shelia

Date:  8/4/2014


I love reading your books, I guess you hear that a lot. Your books have a little humor,and drama along with a great love story. They make you want to laugh and cry, and I think that is what a great book is suppose to do. Keep up the good work Kerrelyn , can't wait for the next book to come out!

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