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Ebook – 9780062128799
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Virginia Munro’s younger sister, Caroline, takes her turn at the family occupation—spying! 

Ten years after The Forbidden Lady, the Revolutionary War has made South Carolina a dangerous place to spy...and fall in love.  Especially when the man in question is less than a gentleman!

“Fans of Sparks’s paranormal romances may be surprised by the lack of vampires, but will not be disappointed.”                                                 -Publishers Weekly

“Kerrelyn Sparks writes exciting, funny, sexy, paranormal romances with her Love at Stake vampire series, and I’m here to tell you that this non-paranormal historical romance is just as exciting, just as funny, and just as sexy!”
                                - Blithely Bookish book reviews

As part of the Avon Impulse imprint, Less than a Gentleman will release July 2nd as an e-book. The print edition will be available in August.  Please note that the print version will not appear in bookstores. You'll need to order the print copy online or ask your favorite bookseller to order it for you. The ISBN for the print edition is: 9780062128805. If you would like me to sign a print copy for you, please contact Katy Budget Books. They will order some print books and have me come in and sign them.

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The Forbidden Lady

The Forbidden Lady

ISBN# 9780062128775
Avon Books

The Forbidden Lady was originally published as For Love or Country in 2002. Now, it’s been revised to be funnier and sexier than ever!

Introducing Kerrelyn’s first historical hero—Quincy Stanton!  With his 18th-century spy gadgets, he appears to be the “James Bond” of the American Revolution.  But with his lacy clothes and lavender-tinted wig, he looks more like The Scarlet Pimpernel. Which is he—the rugged sea captain or the obnoxious dandy?  And who will be clever enough to see through his disguise?

Only another spy could be that clever.  Introducing Kerrelyn’s first historical heroine—Virginia Munro.  Is Boston big enough for the two of them?  Only if they combine forces. 

“This humor-laced historical with its delightful characters and snappy dialogue is pure fun.” 

-- John Charles, Booklist